Love At First Sight – First Time We Saw The School Bus


After briefly browsing through our local Craigslist ads for a week, we liked it, called the number in the ad, and made an appointment!

Two days later, on August 22 2013, we drove for 1 hour and got there…


And, there she was, like peeking out the bushes!!!

It was like love at first sight!!



A 1996 International 3800 school bus, with a Carpenter body, owned previously by a church.










We liked it so much that we immediately made the transaction and bought it!

Look at that happy face!!



And this is the first time Mike got to drive it (and, for that matter, the first time driving a school bus!)

We invite you to follow not only our progress while converting our bus into our home,
but our progress and life experiences while downsizing and simplifying our life together.

Feel free to Contact Us with all your comments, questions, and future posts suggestions!

Thank you for reading, and sharing!

Mike & Lala @ La Casita… Bus!

One thought on “Love At First Sight – First Time We Saw The School Bus

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